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Welcome to the RCL Website

The priority of the Government Legislation Centre is to secure the coherence of the Polish System of Law and to ensure the accuracy of the legislative process.

The Government Legislation Centre looks to coordinate the legislative activities of the Polish Council of Ministers, the Prime Minister, and all bodies of government administration which remain under the authority of the Prime Minister.

Other equally important tasks of the Centre involve the drafting and editing of the Government legislation (legal Acts and Government documents) and publishing of the Journal of Laws and Monitor Polski - the Government Official Journal.

We participate in the of drafting and preparation of the legal Acts often from the moment of their resolution through the revision stages which involve interdepartmental discussions and revisions by legal experts up to the final published version of every given Act.

We cooperate with the advisory bodies of the Council of Ministers such as the Permanent Committee of the Council of Ministers, the European Committee, and Legislative Council as well as Government offices which deal with the Government administrative bodies and other entities which share the duty of publishing commonly binding Legal norms.